The S.W.A.T. program is for students who desire to learn leadership training. It is our Junior Leadership Program that includes leadership principles such as rapport building, public speaking, and rejection training. We also teach important life skills that are not taught anywhere else. These students will also learn advance material such as weapons and advance forms making them a perfect candidate for special demos and events.  

Traditionally Kung Fu was taught one-on-one. Master to pupil. Father to son. Family secrets and a way of living were passed down in this manner. Additionally, students who have trouble making the scheduled group classes or who travel often can continue to progress through private training. 

Tai Chi


T’ai-Chi/Chi Gong Tai Chi Ch’uan is a 1000 year old system of exercise known world wide for its health benefits. Dubbed as “moving meditation”, Tai Chi is effective in reducing stress and relieving chronic pain. Practicing Tai Chi will also improve your balance and energy level. Our Tai Chi Master, Sifu Linda Morrissey, has been studying martial arts since 1976 and her study includes both the internal and external arts. The Tai Chi program here at ECMA is based on the Yang style and includes Yang Long Form, Self Defense & Martial Arts applications of the form, Tai Chi push hands, Yang Simplified Form and Weapons. Our Tai Chi classes consist of warm ups, gentle stretching and breathing exercises, along with the practice of Tai Chi forms, leaving our students feeling relaxed and revitalized.

“Looking good is about feeling good” Chinese Kickboxing takes the kicking and punching of Western Kickboxing and combines it with the blocking and open handed strikes of the Eastern art of Kung Fu as well as Philippine martial arts. Unlike the fitness kickboxing classes offered at gyms, where all you hit is air, Elite Chinese Martial Arts uses boxing gloves along with punching and kicking pads to give you REAL RESULTS. Hitting pads improves your muscle tone and your cardio endurance, not to mention it teaches you timing, reflexes, coordination and how to use both short and long range techniques, which is why it’s great for self-defense. You will also get a great cardiovascular workout – nothing else comes close. This is a fun exciting class where we motivate and push you beyond your limitations so you can feel stronger and better with every class you take.

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Elite Chinese Martial Arts offers high quality instruction in a range of different programs to fit each and everyone's individual or group needs. All designed to help you reach your full potential and achieve your personal goals. We offer classes for the entire family. Our curriculum is structured to provide you with a well rounded martial arts training program.

​When choosing a Martial Arts Academy it is best to visit the school, meet the instructors, and try a class before making any commitments. To get a tour of our school, meet the instructors, and experience what we have to offer all you have to do is schedule a FREE 30 minute lesson. For more information on our exciting programs please contact us.

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Shaolin Kung Fu Kung Fu is the ancestor of all martial arts. It is the oldest known form of self-defense and has been practiced and passed down for centuries. Kung Fu is more than just an excellent physical exercise or a highly effective method of self-defense, it is a way of training the mind as well as a way of life. Here at ECMA, we train in the same honored and exciting tradition that made the shaolin monks famous. We teach traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and offer a wide variety of classes for people of all ages, both group and private lessons are available.